Provide your guests with a new level of service
Adapt the UI to your Brand´s guidelines
Control everything from our Manager

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Booking engine

We integrate your Booking Engine in our App for a true seamless experience for your customer, allowing them to book your hotel from the very first minute anywhere in the world. Our app is already connected to some of the most popular reservation systems in the industry.

Loyalty Program

One of the main reasons for travelers to download your mobile app nowadays is the access to the loyalty program information. Wherever they are they will be able to check their points or miles and make other common operations from the comfort of their mobile devices.



The Concierge service you are looking for

Let your guest enjoy the full experience of your resort, ship, club or theme park. From information of all the services offered, to reservations in any of the venues your guest satisfaction will increase exponentially thanks to Smart Resorts. Plus our platform is specially designed to work not just in low coverage areas but even in offline mode.

Real Time Communications

Do you need to deliver an important message to one of your guests? Send an update to all your visitors for one of your restaurants? Or just let your guests know about that upcoming wine tasting tonight? With Smart Resorts you can. Ready to take your guest experience to the next level?


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Do not say goodbye…say Hasta Pronto!

Now that you have opened a communication channel with your guests there is no reason why you should not keep talking to them. With our solution you will be able to send your guests important alerts based on their nationality or age… directly to their phones!

Triggered Based Campaigns? You got it!

Tired of all those emails you receive during the day? Your clients too. With Smart Resorts you now have the opportunity of integrate your guests mobile phones as part of your CRM strategy and create event-based marketing campaigns that will drive future bookings.



All you need is this

Log in into our manager and feel the control of the app in the palm of your hands. Update the information as many times as you want, predetermine hours of operation based on seasonality, preconfigure your booking schedules for restaurants, spa or any sport facilities. If you can name it our online manager can do it. And of course, there is an app for that too.

Real Time Analytics

In today’s hospitality business -like pretty much everywhere else- it is important to know what is happening with your guests so you can make smarter decisions that will eventually transform into revenue. Smart Resorts measures every single step your guest takes when using the app so you can see (in real time!) what is the most demanded information thus act accordingly.


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We speak all languages

Our app is already connected to some of the most popular reservation systems in the industry. But if that is not your case do not worry. Our engineers are so freaking awesome that it takes just a few days for them to connect to any system no matter how different from anything else it is.

An App within an App

Do you already have an app for reservations or tickets selling? No problemo. We connect to your app so your guests can actually enjoy all our intra-stay features without even noticing they are navigating another platform. And yes, you (and more importantly, your guests) still get to enjoy all the benefits of our platform. And all our love too.



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